Monday, January 15, 2007

Whiny Monday

I'm feeling very whiny today. I hate Mondays. After a lovely weekend of having my husband home to keep the children from tearing down the house while I try to do anything, Monday leaves me here alone with them. And the unwashed dishes. And the rest of the laundry. I got a phone call that lasted all of two minutes, until I heard my daughter holler, "Mommm, Nige is coloring on the floor!" But the floor wasn't really the problem. By the time I got off the phone and walked the 4 steps to the kitchen, the artist had applied purple crayon onto three drawer fronts, and ALL over the dishwasher. Just what I wanted: another thing on the to-do list ot household drudgery.

Have I mentioned that Mr Crayon Artist has a cold? Damn he's cranky when he is sick. I cannot blame him, but it's hard to deal with all the same. Especially as I have the same cold.

Today's word of wisdom: Telling a 2-year-old to 'stop whining' doesn't work.

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