Monday, August 29, 2005

Do you ever wake up feeling gloomy?

I do. And I did this morning. it doesn't help that it is gloomy outside today. And it's going to be hot again this afternoon anyway. But my mood won't keep me from needing to shower, get the kids dressed, go to several stores, and then still manage to work on the basement some more. And it's all so hard with the kids. If Nigel doesn't cry when I walk away, then Nora makes sure that he's crying by the time I get back. She loves so much to play with him, but I think he's sick of being her rag doll.

Nigel's birthday is tomorrow. I cannot believe he is a year already. It really feels like just yesterday that he was so tiny and so helpless. But now he walking, talking a little, and climbing on anything that isn't behind a gate. And people are coming over tomorrow to celebrate. I hate hosting parties. I suck at it. But it's obviously not kosher to just ignore a 1st birthday, so a party we will have. I am thankful that the common areas of the house are pretty clean, so there's no mad-dash to tidy up before people come over.

And gas prices keep going up. DH works 45 miles away. The pay raise he got 4 months ago when he came to the new company is completely eaten up by higher benefits and gas prices.

I could get all philosophical and start counting my blessings, which are many, but I am not going to. Not just yet. I feel like wallowing im my funk for a few more hours. Then I'll go about my day with a grin (or grimace) on my face.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


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