Monday, March 28, 2005

In my next life, I hope I am wealthy enough to hire someone to do all my grocery shopping for me. I've been buying groceries for over 10 years now, and I am still no good at it. First, I forget to write things on the list when I use them up. Oh sure, I think to myself, "Robin, you just used the last of the butter; you should put that on the list." Do I? No. I eat my toast, then get involved with something else more interesting than a grocery list.

Then, I have to write a list just before leaving for the store. I have paper, I have pen, I have no idea what I used up yesterday that I meant to write down. I make a mad dash around the kitchen, scribbling the list on the back of an envelope with a green crayon.

Finally, I stroll through the store with my bascart with 3 round wheels, and one rock that vaguely resembles a wheel. I buy lots of produce, a few canned goods, milk, eggs, bread and salsa. I pay for my items, and proudly take my booty home. Surely I have gotten enough food to last an entire week.

After putting it all away, I begin to prepare supper. Oops, we are out of rice, so no stirfry. We have 2 tortillas left, cannot make burritos. I could make spaghetti sauce again, but it would have to be served on elbow macaroni. So I write pasta, rice, and tortillas on the list and serve tuna sandwiches with a side of carrot sticks for dinner.

I just used the last of the Miracle Whip. Remind me to write that on the list after dinner...