Friday, December 15, 2006

Why oh why did we invite people over?

A couple is coming over for dinner tonight. It is the best option, since they have a baby, and we have two kids as well. But the house is such a mess. And I forgot to write this dinner down in my calendar, so I didn't really know about it until Wednesday night. Argh. Yesterday I managed to un-bury my desk, and clean the leftover decorations off the dining room table. But today I need to make the house look presentable to others who have not visited us here before. No small task, since the house is half under "remodeling" status. The other half is decorated with children's toys and mismatched furniture. Even when spotless, my house makes me cringe.

I'm hosting a party on the 20th of January. My newest goal is to have the living room wallpapered before then. I'm thinking about calling a bookie and allowing people to bet on it. (Odds are pretty long on that one, though.)

Must now get off computer, and try to make our kitchen look less "apartment squalor", and more "rustic farmhouse". Then I need to make bread for dinner tonight. I work well under pressure, but I've left myself a huge task. Double argh.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My boy is heading to the dentist today

My poor little guy has bad teeth. To be honest, it's only 4 of them that are bad. They have varying amounts of enamel missing. They are probably decayed. (I only say 'probably' in hopes that denial actually works.) We are heading to the dentist today. It's going to be horrible. He's only 2, and there is no way I can make him understand that the guy in the mask in the room with the x-ray is going to help him. The dentist reportedly has "the touch" with young kids, and can put otherwise jumpy children at ease, but I'm not convinced. I'd almost rather take him to a dentist that will sedate him. But I'm more afraid of sedation than of a screaming toddler. There is no joy here today.

I hope that the roads in Peoria are better today. We spent 3 hours travelling to nowhere on Saturday. blech.

On a more positive note, my girlie gets to spend the afternoon with Grandma Karen. She'll enjoy that, I am sure.