Saturday, September 10, 2005

I'm buying the "For Sale" sign today.

I cannot believe it has been over four months since we decided to put our house on the market, to move to a smaller town. We had planned on doing a little work to the house, getting it extra clean, then putting a sign in the yard on May 1st. It is now September 10, and still no sign. How easy it is to forget that cleaning and updating a house with children in it is akin to nailing jello to a wall. The baby is grumpy. Or he wants to play under te kitchen sink, or remove everything from the cupboards. The 3-year-old prefers her toys on the floor. Or she knocks the baby down, causing the aforementioned grumpiness.

It is easy to beat myself up over it all. There was a house that dh and I both really liked, and the price was right. But someone else had just written an offer on it. So back to the home search. And back to the "readying for sale" that we have been doing, albeit half-assed, for nearly five months.

The house still isn't as perfect as I'd like it, but I'm buying the "For Sale by Owner" sign today anyway. If not now, it will probably never get done.