Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A little update

I'm cursed with a complex, I think. Im absolutely convinced that my life is too boring to blg about. But I also feel like I should keep this just in case something interesting happens. Nigel had his second birthday last week. Nora is now too tall for last year's jeans. DH's new job is going well. And he even packs his own lunches. (woo hoo!)

Me? I'm just sitting here with Nigel and his cold, sleeping on my lap. That's right, I'm blogging one-handed! How's that for a party trick?? I made my wallpaper-hanging debut yesterday. That's featured in our house blog. It's important to note that I will never be a professional wallpaper hanger. Not only does it take a level of attention to detail and precision that I do not possess, but it also has my neck very angry with me. I have a yoga class tonight, so I hope to be feeling better after some stretching and meditation.

I can think of nothing else for the moment, so I'll sign off for now. I promise to check in if anything earth-shattering comes up.

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Jo said...

You have to keep blogging because Jo reads your blog and says you have to continue. :) How's that for a good reason? lol.

I don't think your life is boring and I like reading both blogs. You have so much more motivation and energy than I do and I love seeing the changes you make on your house.