Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday's post

It's cold here now. I think the heat is on for good. *sigh* A couple of weeks and the trees will have no leaves (many of them will be lodged in my gutters), and the short sleeves will be packed away for 6 months. We have the furnace company coming out on Tuesday to give her the old once-over. I wonder if they can get the Yosemite Sam figure out of the heater pipe. My daughter was pretty sad when her little bro sent Sam a-packing down the vent. But mostly, I just hope that they don't find anything seriously wrong. I'm sick of paying people to fix stuff. Aren't we all?

We went to WalMart today. I hate that place. But for us it's a necessary evil. We did find Nora a winter coat. She's so picky, I was afraid we have snow before she saw ome she liked. And I bought some clearance rack shorts for Nigel, too. Now I have to remember where I put them so we'll be able to have them next summer. I really ought to be better organized. Hmmm-- I'll put it on my New Year's resolution list.

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