Wednesday, August 09, 2006


One thing I did not forsee when my husband left the restaurant industry was that he would need to begin taking a lunch to work with him. That means that we need to have food for him to take. Now this represents a problem in two ways. One, we need to remember to get the lunch prepared the night before. Second, I now need to make enough food for dinner that there are leftovers for him to take. The alternative is for him to eat sandwiches at lunch every day. How boring is that? Now I dislike leftovers, as a rule, so in the 10 years of our marriage, I've learned to make just enough for the family to eat at the one sitting. My husband, who is happy to eat reheated, day-old food, has been eating at the restaurant: I never really had to think too much about his nutritional needs. So far, he's taken a salad each day.

This whole lunch-packing thing is going to be a learning experience, for sure.

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Cycle Mama said...

I'm in the same boat with James and his lunches for work. Unfortunately, he has nowhere to heat anything up, so it's often sandwiches...poor guy!