Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I hear birds chirping!

There is still a lot of snow on the ground, although it is now surrounded by slush and puddles. It will be over 40 degrees again today. By this evening, I expect to see grass poking through the snow in my yard. The sun is shining. But the best part? I can hear birds singing in the tree outside my family room window. If I hadn't crawled out of bed early while the kids slept, I would have missed it. You miss a lot of things when there are awake children in a house. The tend to fill up the senses.

But they were still slumbering, and I got to hear birds. Spring really will get here eventually, won't it? Maybe I'll order some vegetable seeds today. I've been holding off, for fear that I'd jinx it and we'd be under a blanket of snow until June. (superstitious megalomania, anyone?) And I'll walk to work this afternoon. No, it might be too slushy for that. And the sidewalks remain buried.

Baby steps, Robin, baby steps.

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